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Buying a home is one of—if not the—biggest financial decision you can make. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or you've bought and sold property once or more, it's important that during the home-buying process you work with a competent and reliable real estate agent you can trust.

A discerning real estate agent can provide invaluable services to home buyers, such as:

Also, a skilled real estate agent should be able to provide you with resources on where to find quality:

Why choose LSP to represent you as a buyer?

Laura Scott, the founder of Laura Scott Properties (LSP), is a licensed real estate broker/REALTOR® who has lived in Massachusetts her whole life. A trained lawyer, she is an artful negotiator and strategist who possesses strong written and verbal communication skills—skills she puts to good use when working on behalf of home buyers to communicate with sellers' agents, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, mortgage brokers, and other professionals involved with a given transaction. While the offer price is important, Laura recognizes the importance of the terms as well, and she will work to present her home buyers' offers in a way that makes them attractive to sellers.

Laura spent many years living in various parts of Massachusetts—from Central Massachusetts to Boston and the North Shore, thus she is familiar with these and other local housing markets and can research properties' proximity to highways, area amenities, etc. She listens well to her clients' needs and will work to help find and secure a new home that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Laura is also inquisitive, pays close attention to detail, and is highly organized and deadline driven. She is also a diligent problem solver who's honest and ethical. These traits can prove critical because Laura is well equipped to address the myriad issues that may arise during a given real estate transaction.

Laura is an animal lover, and she and her husband share their home with a brood of felines that “purrfectly” complete their family. She is committed to animal welfare causes, and Laura Scott Properties is proud to sponsor related events whenever possible. Visit philanthropy for a list of upcoming events.

And, if you would like to discuss buying a home or have general questions about any stage of the home-buying process, please feel free to contact Laura.